Band Members

Fans all over the world, from Belgium to Canada and beyond have grown to love Albert's Bastards and the amazing music they create. From their awesome stage presence, to their memorable song lyrics, the band members are always looking for a way to make their mark in the industry. Get to know the people behind the music and learn more about Albert's Bastards below.

Steve Gillespie

Vocals and Guitar

Hailing all the way from Canada, Steve started his musical journey at just 14. He very quickly realised that this is not what he wanted to do, it was what he had to do. Steve's eclectic style of playing and singing is very heavily influenced by AC/DC, Motörhead, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Krokus.
In 2003 Steve crossed the ocean to Belgium for true love and now with his trusty Marcus original guitar, Optima strings and dashing fedora he's the "old man" of the group and as such delights in proving time and time again that "You are NEVER too old to Rock n Roll!"

One cool mother fucker

Tim Selleslagh


Tim grew up in Ostend and started drumming at the age of 25. He is influenced by rock and metal drummers like Mikkey Dee, Phil Rudd, Keith Moon and Nicko McBrain.
Tim earned his stripes playing in Murderset Pieces, a death/thrash metal band with whom he has played at PPM Fest 2014 and Dokk'um Festival 2014
Now he is providing the steady pounding beats and grooves that a great rock band like Albert's Bastards needs

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Kevin Labbeke


Born and raised in Ostend, Kevin started playing guitar together with his father at the age of 15. From a young age he had been obsessed with his old man's musical collection and realised life would be nothing without music.
Having had music as a guideline throughout his whole life Kev started out listening to Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones and The Sex Pistols, which eventually lead into harder stuff like Lamb of God, W.A.S.P. and Sepultura.
He played in a local metal band called Bagra at the age of 20 where he learned the know-how of playing in a band along with the joys and troubles that brings. This history created  the foundation for this wild boy to fulfil his guitar duties in Albert's Bastards

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Fré Houtsaeger


Bringing some rest to the wildness of Rock & Roll. Fré was born in Ostend and started playing bass as teenager. After almost a decade he started to share his passion for playing music with Kevin. Later on they joined Steve and Tim. Creativity is the foundation of Fré's bass playing, inspired by bassist like Flea, John Paul Jones, Tim Commerford,… He uses the space between the guitars and the drum to create his low grooves in Albert’s Bastards.

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