If hardrock....is up for a revival, then let Albert's Bastards take the forefront. 

metalfans.be Filip Der Linden 2017 (translated from Dutch by Steven Gillespie)

Hier kunnen we uren naar luisteren...

Metalheads.be recensie van Wacken Open Air Metal Battle

Short Bio

Formed in early 2015 Albert's Bastards is Singer/Guitarist Steve Gillespie, Guitarist Kevin Labbeke, Bassist Fré Houtsaeger and Drummer Tim Selleslagh. Together this quartet of rockers bring a powerful live show where a frosty beer is certainly appropriate.


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Exclusively Downloadable songs from Albert's Bastards self titled debut EP and the Album Wine Women & Song.

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Video Clip of the single from the album

Wine, Women & Song

White Trash Superhero and Southern Voodoo performed at Polderrock May 26, 2018

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8400 Ostend, Belgium

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