Kevin Labbeke


Born and raised in Ostend, Kevin started playing guitar together with his father at the age of 15. From a young age he had been obsessed with his old man's musical collection and realised life would be nothing without music.
Having had music as a guideline throughout his whole life Kev started out listening to Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones and The Sex Pistols, which eventually lead into harder stuff like Lamb of God, W.A.S.P. and Sepultura.
He played in a local metal band called Bagra at the age of 20 where he learned the know-how of playing in a band along with the joys and troubles that brings. This history created  the foundation for this wild boy to fulfil his guitar duties in Albert's Bastards
Outside of the band Kev works as an electrician, you'll rarely see him without the radio in the background. In his spare time Kev visits bars for promotional purposes and attends numerous amounts of (local and mainstream) gigs each month. Distributing Albert's Bastards merchandise is also one of his duties.
Kev's favourite bands are: Papa Roach and the Arctic Monkeys



8400 Ostend, Belgium

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