Steve Gillespie

Vocals and Guitar

Hailing all the way from Canada, Steve started his musical journey at just 14. He very quickly realised that this is not what he wanted to do, it was what he had to do. Steve's eclectic style of playing and singing is very heavily influenced by AC/DC, Motörhead, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Krokus.
In 2003 Steve crossed the ocean to Belgium for true love (sorry ladies, this guy's taken and happy about it) and now with his trusty Marcus original guitar and dashing fedora he's the "old man" of the group and as such delights in proving time and time again that "You are NEVER too old to Rock n Roll!"

Beyond being the singer and half of Albert's Bastards guitar arsenal, Steve works hard as the lyricist and one of the band's songwriters. He also serves as the IT-tech; making sure that this website is up to date.

On his own, he's a quiet guy. An avid history buff (as his tattoos can attest) he usually has his face buried in a book or shutting out the stress of the world with music. Steve's music tastes are as varied as can be. From B.B. King to Slipknot and just about everything in between, with AC/DC reigning supreme in his collection



8400 Ostend, Belgium

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